Alan Jones interviews Ian 'Lofty' Fulton for the Alan Jones Breakfast Show

Meet the man behind Australia’s most famous voice:

Without you even knowing it, Ian ‘Lofty’ Fulton has been a part of your life for years.

He’s been in your home, your car, your office; just about everywhere.

But if you walked past him in the street you wouldn’t look twice… or maybe you would.

Lofty has one of the most famous voices in Australia and it comes from one of the most unlikely places.

Born with dwarfism, Lofty has overcome an enormous amount of adversity to become one of the greats of his industry.

He’s the voice of 2GB and Masterchef as well as brands like McDonald’s and Toyota and has been heard in more than 180 countries around the world.

Now he’s released his memoirs, sharing everything from how where his nickname came from to how his own grandmother thought he should be locked away.

Alan Jones speaks with Ian “Lofty” Fulton in an extended interview that will leave you in awe.

Credit: 2GB